46th IDA Conference

Report on 46th IDA Exhibition.


Kochi was the host for 46th dairy industry conference organised by the Indian Dairy Association (IDA) at Angamaly from February 8 to 10. The theme for this year’s conference was “Dairying: Sufficiency to Efficiency”. The conference was attended by around 2,000 participants including manufacturers of dairy products processing equipment, dairy farmers, professionals, technocrats and policy makers from across the country. The three-day event included exclusive farmer and technical sessions and an exhibition of dairy processing equipment and allied appliances. Scientists and researchers across India and abroad spoke at the conference.

Neologic Engineers actively participated in this exhibition. We presented our CIP & Pasteurizer module to our visitors. We got an overwhelming response from the visitors. We are glad that we got chance to showcase our products and some of our completed projects during the exhibition as well as to discuss requirements.

Kerala Minister for Forest, Animal Husbandry and Zoos – K Raju inaugurated the conference. National Dairy Development Board chairman Dilip Rath delivered the keynote address. The minister also presented “Dr Varghese Kurien Award” for 2017 to P Gopala Kurup, chairman, Kerala Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (MILMA)

Here are some of the pictures from the exhibition. Give us your feedback in comment section below.


Neologic Pasteuriser Focuses On Reducing Total Cost Of Ownership And Improving Food Safety…

Blog tells you about Neologic Pasteuriser System.

Why Neologic Pasteuriser Is Value For Money.

We understand your challenges to run a profitable dairy plant and the pressure to ensure that every rupee invested works for you. Therefore we have designed fully automatic pasteuriser that is operator friendly, has ease of maintenance and has branded reliable components that never let you down.

Neologic Pasteuriser offers utility savings with 93% regeneration and it is error free as it is PLC based.  Our pasteuriser is modular and can be customised to meet individual plant needs.

With Neologic Pasteuriser you get guaranteed heat exchange efficiency, accuracy of temperature control and flow capacity besides flexibility of multiple applications such as Cream, Curd Milk, Ice cream and Juice Pasteurisation to help you to get your ROI faster.

That is why our clients Cream bell, Danone, Haldiram, Baskin Robins, ITC trusts our brand for maintaining the superior quality of their products. We also have a successful track record of installations across geographies.

 With Neologic Pasteuriser you get –

  • Alfa Laval Heat Exchanger guarantees maximum efficiency.
  • Accuracy of temperature control and flow capacity with +/ – 1 deg C
  • Regeneration efficiency – up to 93%
  • Safety against intermixing of pasteurized milk with raw milk & utilities
  • Reliable, durable and easily available components
  • MIS Report handling
  • Capacity Expandable design
  • Easily upgraded from manual to Automated version
  • Remote access support for Automation
  • Service call handling app on phone or PC

Unique Features of Our PHE!

  1. Adjustable Feet for easy installation on site without reworking on pipes.
  2. Higher stability with two point feet on supporting columns
  3. Carrying bar with hygienic design.
  4. Key Hole Bolt Opening for ease of maintenance.
  5. Bearing Boxes & Lock Washer for manpower and energy-saving during maintenance.
  6. Chocolate Distribution Pattern for uniformity and for reducing microbial growth.
  7. Roof Top/Rib gaskets for uniform pressure and durability.
  8. Elongated Nut for greater ease of opening during maintenance.
  9. Material traceability for the material used for manufacturing the PHE.
  10. Well established service network for spares and maintenance

Call us today on 8087022514 / 8149022514 for a free consultation on how Neologic Pasteuriser will benefit your organisation or click on this link www.neologicengineers.com to reach out to us.

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If Your Pasteurizer Has Frequent Breakdowns And Quality Issues, You Have Been Cheated!!

Blog tells you about the problems related to Pasteuriser

Poorly engineered and designed pasteurisers can bleed you slowly while creating a false illusion of saving your money on the cost of pasteurise.
If you have compromised on cost while buying a pasteuriser you would already be facing problems with hot water module, temperature control and increased consumption of utilities. You have also realised by now that your pasteuriser is not giving committed regeneration or promised output. Worse, you have suffered heavy losses in revenues, materials and production due to intermixing of water and milk.   Besides this, you are not still sure how the consumption of hot water, chilled water and steam is impacting your production cost.  To add to the woes, there are regular breakdowns which are slowing down your production.

So how are you dealing with these issues? Does your vendor give you the support you need and do you get the spare parts quickly?

If you are already battling with these issues, it’s time to consider a pasteurizer which will not only be fully automated and cost effective but will give you  ROI quickly.
Perhaps you need a pasteurizer that guarantees heat exchange efficiency, accuracy of temperature control and flow capacity.  It will also help you immensely if the pasteurizer is engineered so well that problems of intermixing and hot water module will never bother you. This pasteurizer must be operator friendly and come with reliable components which are easily available so that maintenance does not eat into your production time.

We have the perfect solution to all your issues. Watch out for the next blog on the same.

Call us today on 8087022514 / 8149022514 for a free consultation on how Neologic Pasteuriser will benefit your organisation or click on this link www.neologicengineers.com to reach out to us.



Why Investing In CIP Is A Sound Business Decision!!

Blog tells you about Neologic CIP Systems.

As a Food & Beverage industry you spend close to 20% time in cleaning the equipment using the traditional “fill, boil and dump” approach and even this represents significant amount of downtime for your plant.  With rising raw material and energy costs, lowering operational expenditure and reducing waste to lower the cost of production without impacting product quality has become crucial.

So 30% annual saving on resources and increase in productivity  using  automated CIP is  a sound business decision as it not only  ensures faster  ROI, offers complete traceability of contamination, results in superior product quality  but also takes your brand into a new league of companies using CIP such as  DANONE, ITC, Unilever, Mother Dairy, ITC, Hatsun, Dodla.

Why you need CIP.

  • 30% savings annually in manpower, water, chemical, energy and product
  • Removes fouling from equipment improves product quality
  • CIP system not only removes the soil but also traces of bacteria, yeast, and spores
  • Reduces chances of contamination and product recalls
  • Faster cleaning improves  production capacity
  • Increase in revenue and savings due to reduced labor and or capital requirements
  • Ensures consistency of cleaning results for sanitation of production equipment particularly for food, meat and poultry processing plants.

What is Cleaning In Place (CIP)

CIP is a fully or partially automated system used for cleaning the internal surfaces of process equipment such as tanks, pipes and pumps which come in contact with milk or product. CIP has sensors, heat exchangers, pumps and tanks to ensure effective and repeatable cleaning. An effective CIP is based on three pillars – Effective and Efficient Design, Energy Efficiency and Automation Optimization.

Neologic CIP – At Neologic we have designed a unique modular Clean –In – Place system specifically for Food & Dairy industry.  Our unique CIP ensures the holy trinity of Hygiene, Quality and Cost Saving in such a way that you get ROI in just five years.

Key features of Neologic CIP.

  • VFD reduces energy usage and fluid wastage
  • Less load on ETP
  • It is fully Automated
  • Skid Based
  • Components from established brands
  • Special data recording feature  generates reports
  • Perfect reading from reliable equipment

Why Neologic CIP

  • Neologic offers support even for remote locations
  • Improved efficiency as CIP is fully automated resulting in lower costs on chemicals, energy, labour and water.
  • Improved plant capacity to meet increased demand and open up new market opportunities
  • Modular, flexible and budget friendly design and efficient implementation.
  • Shorter go to market time which will positively impact your bottom-line.
  • FDA compliant CIP can help target new quality conscious client base.
  • Process expertise and hygienic pipe design which eliminates intermixing of CIP solution with product as well as carefully planned CIP distribution piping. We invest in extensive analysis of client requirement before we design the piping.
  • Cleaning – In –Place is also one of our most successful products with highest number of installations.

We help you minimise costs & grow revenues by increasing profits and staying current to your market needs by helping you adapt to shifts in technology and business.

Call us today on 8087022514 / 8149022514 for a free consultation on how Neologic CIP will benefit your organisation or click on this link www.neologicengineers.com to reach out to us.

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Neologic CIP Module

If you aren’t constantly improving YIELD of your Dairy Plant, it’s just like ‘NOT milking the Cow Fully!!’

Blog tells you about improving the yield of Dairy.

Margins are very slim in the Dairy Industry, and companies need to be constantly competing to reduce overhead costs and improve plant yield.

Running your dairy processing MANUALLY could be costing you yield and quality in a big way.

Technology has changed over the decades and keeping pace is becoming easier and cost effective.

Here are 3 ways to improve efficiency and yield of your plant:

  1. Implementing smart Cleaning-In-Place (CIP)
  • Cleaning, particular in the Dairy industry is a very laborious business – every machine that is in contact with the product has to be disassembled and cleaned by hand at least once a day. This causes the highest loss of productivity to the plant.
  • CIP means that equipment no longer needs to be disassembled for cleaning. Machines are designed to be cleaned with detergent solutions, which are circulated through the production lines according to a set cleaning program.
  1. Process Control
  • Microprocessors can be used to control a single machine or a single process, to make that process more productive and accurate. Right from the milk delivery, pasteurising, packaging, cheese, yogurt or paneer making.
  1. Totally Integrated Plant Control
  • The next step in the evolution of process control is the totally integrated plant control system.
  • A plant consists of more than one process area. Each area has its own configuration of one or more Process Controllers. Dependent processes are linked and controlled automatically. This ensures manual errors, quality miss-outs, time lags are all eliminated quickly. It is essential to keep track of production and economy in a plant. The Process Controllers generate a substantial amount of data from the process at all times, day and night, week and month. Knowing what is happening is a key to be able to run the plant more efficiently and economically.

We at “Neologic Engineers Pvt. Limited” are certified and authorised System Integrators of the largest Indian brand in the Dairy, Food and Allied industry viz. Alfa Laval India Limited. We headquartered in Pune and execute and service plants Pan India. We have an experience base of having installed Dairy equipment of over 75 Lac liters across 10 cities in India in the last 10 years. We are currently on a mission to become the first company of Indian origin as integrated process and automation solution provider.

Find out how you can improve plant productivity and efficiency to achieve the results you deserve in our next blog. Till then ‘Keep reading..!!’