Popular paneer is marble white, slightly nutty and spongy. Read on to learn how to make great paneer.

The Indian 24 Crore Cheese Market Is Expected To Grow 15 To 20% Annually In The Coming Years

Indian cheese or Paneer which is non-fermentative, non-renneted and non-melting,  hits a volume of 1.7 Million Metric Tons in 2017. Naturally, it is considered one of the most extensively consumed dairy products in India.

Commercial Process For Making Paneer.

Paneer is made largely from buffalo milk due to its high solid content which results in a better final product. In the paneer making process, standardized milk is heated to 90 °C and then cooled to 70°C, when citric acid is added to coagulate or thicken. The temperature of milk is maintained at 70 Deg C during coagulation. It is then poured over a Muslin cloth to separate the coagulum from whey. The collected coagulum is then lightly pressed to help in the formation of paneer block. Later, the pressed block is further immersed in the cold water at 5-6 Deg C and vacuum sealed before secondary packing.

Customers want paneer which is marble white, has a mildly acidic taste, nutty flavor, is spongy and closely knit and has a smooth texture. Such great tasting paneer is a result of carefully selected type & strength of the coagulant, moisture retention, mode of delivery and blending into the hot milk, heat treatment of milk and temperature during the coagulation.  This requires careful management of –

  • Pathogen reduction technologies including pasteurization
  • Temperature controls
  • Processing
  • Cleaning and sanitizing
  • Storage

Neologic Paneer Making Machinery.

Neologic Paneer equipment is automated and consists of Paneer Vat, Paneer Hoops, Paneer Press (Pneumatically operated),UBrine Tank, Paneer Cubing / Dicing Machine and Vacuum Sealing Machine. Neologic Pneumatic press and Skid are made of 304 Stainless steel.  Pneumatic press is complete with all the fittings like air filters, air pressure regulators and operating knob.

How We Help To Make Great Paneer!

  • Our 5 station paneer press with pneumatic cylinders controls pressure and time to ensure uniform moisture in the final product. This gives paneer a wonderful spongy texture.
  • Each press block has capacity of 10kgs and can press five such blocks at a time so that you can go to market faster.
  • Each block has two tiers (double line) for pressing ten hoops at a time. Higher productivity!

Benefits Of Using Neologic Equipment.

  • Size of paneer, pressure and moisture in final product is uniform.
  • As an automated process it offers cost, time and quality benefits over manual press machine.
  • It is user friendly and requires low maintenance.
  • Operation cost is less due to pneumatic operation.

Why Choose Neologic.

  • Neologic offers remote access support for automation.
  • Modular, flexible and budget friendly design and efficient implementation.
  • Service handling app
  • AMC and easily available spares as we maintain inventory.
  • Customized training
  • We are trusted partners to clients  like  Danone, Amul, ITC, Haldiram, Govind Milk



Happy Independence Day…!!

Mother, I bow to thee!
Rich with thy hurrying streams, Bright with orchard gleams, Cool with thy winds of delight, Green fields waving, Mother of might, Mother free.
Glory of moonlight dreams, Over thy branches and lordly streams, Clad in thy blossoming trees, Mother, giver of ease, Laughing low and sweet! Mother I kiss thy feet, Speaker sweet and low! Mother, to thee I bow.

-Bankim Chandra Chaterjee

Neologic wishes you a very “Happy Independence Day”…


Independence Day


Indian Yogurt Market set to cross 100 Crores by 2021. Are you ready to match the demand? Read on to find out…

Increasing Health Awareness, Better Packaging And Innovative Flavors Are Driving The Demand For Yogurt.

Yogurt or Dahi as we know it – is anticipated to grow with CAGR of more than 18% in the next three years. This growth is fueled by the health conscious segment consisting of women, youngsters and athletes who are demanding more nutritional and innovative products such as Bio-Yogurts, Fruit Yogurts, Greek Yogurts…

Neologic Engineers has been offering Process and Automation Solutions specifically to Dairy, Beverage & Allied industries for more than a decade.

Making Commercial Yogurt

Commercially, manufacturing yogurt requires using a starter culture which converts part of the lactose to lactic acid.  Milk when held at the optimum temperature fosters the relevant starter culture. The cultured milk has to be cooled quickly to stop the fermentation process – if the fermentation time is too long or too short it affects the flavor and consistency of the product. Adequate heat treatment and homogenization of the milk are critical for producing yogurt with optimum flavor, viscosity and consistency.

Best possible growth conditions are paramount for manufacturing yogurt with desired flavor, aroma and taste as these are considered to be key features for satisfying discerning customers.  We believe high quality yogurt is a result of a careful planning and monitoring of the following aspects of the manufacturing process –

  • Homogenization Process – it is important for stability and impacts the viscosity
  • Heat Treatment – ensures coagulum of finished yogurt will be firm and reduces risk of whey separation in the final product
  • Culture Preparation – demands maximum precision and hygiene
  • Plant Design – the coagulum formed during fermentation is sensitive to mechanical treatment. This makes selection and designing of valves, pipes, pumps and coolers crucial for overall quality of the product.

Neologic Products That Make Exotic Yoghurt And Save Money!

  • A Fully Automatic Modular Pasteurizer- offering utility savings upto 93% regeneration, guaranteed heat exchange efficiency, accuracy of temperature control and flow capacity besides flexibility of multiple applications such as Cream, Curd Milk and Ice Cream Pasteurization
  • Process Automation Expertise – that reduces production loss caused due to operator mistakes in water flushing time, partial emptying of product tanks, excess or less CIP and so on
  • Piping Design Expertise – Neologic’s  distributed piping design ensures there are no dead ends and unwanted drain points so that the risks of contamination are reduced
  • Neologic CIP –that ensures the highest standards of Hygiene, Quality and Cost Saving in such a way that you get ROI in just five years

Why Choose Neologic.

  • Neologic offers remote access support for automation
  • Modular, flexible and budget friendly design and efficient implementation
  • Service handling app
  • AMC and easily available spares as we maintain inventory
  • Customized training
  • We are trusted partners to clients like Danone, Amul, ITC, Mother Dairy, Hatsun, Dodla, RJ Corp and others.
Today is a great plus one news day. Neologic team welcomes Mr. Shrikrishna Ozarkar to Neologic family. We are sure that he will add many cherries to our cake of success. Mr. Ozarkar has vast experience in fruits and vegetables processing industries he also brought a golden opportunity of tying-up with Fenco Srl, Italy; and hence will be looking after our vertical of ‘Fruits & Vegetables Processing’.

Neologic believes in fun. We are always excited to celebrate; we planned a small welcome program for Mr. Ozarkar. Initially, cake cutting took place later on Mr. Mahajan (Director) gave a brief introduction about him and was felicitated by Mr. Londhe.

Welcome Mr. Ozarkar…!!



Talent wins games; but teamwork and intelligence wins championships…!! -Michael Jordan

An organization is formed with different departments. These departments are like roots of a TREE; Stronger the roots (departments), blossomed is the tree with FRUITS (success).
Smooth functioning of these departments is important. Every person has some or the other skills, we just need to unite those skills to make a smart team.

Our management gave us a good chance to build communication with our internal departments. Every department was given a specific target with very specific time line. At the end, all targets were discussed with our management. Later, winners were declared on the basis of time taken to complete goals, perfection in work and of course team work; and the winners were ‘Design Department’.

Very well deserved Design Department was felicitated with flower bouquet, chocolates and last but not the least good compliments from whole organization.

It was a very motivational moment for them and others. Hard work always results into success. Hence, moral for everyone was ‘keep trying and never quit’.

Neologic team congratulate design team for their success.
All The Best to other departments.


How To Improve Your Go – To – Market Time to Tap into The 80,000 Crores UHT Product Market.

Know More about our Aseptic Tanks

Improve Your Productivity and Take UHT Products Faster to Market.

With rising demand for UHT Milk you want to improve your ‘Production’ and your ‘Go – To – Market’ time. Dairy processing equipment needs regular cleaning and maintenance. The problem is shutting down one machine sometimes means stopping the UHT steriliser. If there is an issue in the steriliser, then filling machine has to be stopped. In both cases, these stoppages lead to significant production hours and product losses. Also whenever these stoppages occur, UHT steriliser and filling machines have to cleaned and sterilised.

The other challenge is ensuring the commercial sterility for downstream equipment such as the holding tube and filler, packaging equipment and material which require stopping an entire production line thus impacting the throughput. That’s not all; such stoppage can also result into significant product losses due to poor quality during the standstill.

The Solution – Neologic Aseptic Tank

Aseptic Storage System is used mainly for milk, flavoured milk, juices & beverages and   acts as the intermediate storage device between Aseptic sterilizer & Aseptic filling machines. Installing Neologic aseptic tank between UHT unit and filling machine allows you to continue the UHT treatment while cleaning the filling machine or continue filling while cleaning the UHT unit. Sterile air for the tank automatically controls the feed pressure required by the filling machine.  Our Aseptic Tank allows you to monitor critical control parameters through an automated system which   helps you to reduce interruptions and improve efficiency.

Key Benefits of Neologic Aseptic Tanks

  • Improves product quality & production efficiency
  • Aseptic valves cluster maintains sterility of the system through steam barrier
  • Product retains its quality, colour & flavour
  • Prevents recirculation and avoids reheating of sterilized product
  • Meets high standards of hygiene in food industry
  • Flexible and allows variable product combination

Key Features

  • Magnetically coupled agitator
  • Modular design for quick installation & fast commissioning
  • Easy to operate and comes with load cells to know quantity in the tank
  • Designed for pressure & vacuum
  • Automation system for monitoring and controlling Critical Control Parameter (CCP)
  • Maintains necessary pressure control in tank for smooth filling

Why Neologic Aseptic Tanks

  • Neologic offers remote access support for automation
  • Improves plant capacity to meet increased UHT  product demand and opens up new market opportunities
  • Modular, flexible and budget friendly design and efficient implementation
  • Service handling app
  • Neologic team has excellent experience in process engineering of Aseptic plants
  • AMC and easily available spares as inventory is maintained
  • Customised training
  • We are trusted partners to customers for Aseptic Tank like Gramin Danone – Bangladesh, Devyani Foods (Varun Beverages), ITC, Epic Food Products Pvt. Ltd. – Ambala to name a few.

We help you minimize costs & grow revenues by increasing profits and staying current to your market needs by helping you adapt to shifts in technology and business.




If Automation is costing you more than its worth – it’s not a solution but a liability!!

Excessive Automation Deprives You Of Perceived Savings On Materials, Energy & Cost.

While human errors in processes can contribute to more than 20% of downtime and impact your credibility and business, your automation software can cost you more because you have tried to automate everything and now your employees are trying to work around it rather than with it.

A blanket approach to automation can negate any perceived benefits as it is not a one size fits all solution that can fix business problems.

At Neologic we design solutions which are best suited for your needs and we do not take the intelligence out of the process. Consequent to a detailed analysis we suggest the level of automation that will reduce the production cost and improve the quality with ROI of 4-5 years. Our solutions are built upon reliable, durable and easily available components from established brands like Rockwell, Siemens.

Why Choose Neologic for Automation!!

  • PLC process controls (Programmable Logic Controller)
  • Faster data accessibility with EMS/ERP/WEB
  • International automation standards.
  • Cutting edge technology for PLC systems, Instruments & Networking (Ethernet, ASI Bus, Profi Bus etc.)
  • IoT integration for maintaining high standards and greater efficiencies.
  • Specially designed MIS system for dairy for taking futuristic decisions.
  • Special automation platform which follows ISA S88/95 standards for on time implementation and accuracy.

Unique Features Of Our Automation Systems

  1. Queuing Function – Tanks can be queued for filling or emptying
  2. Interlocks to achieve highest level of product safety
  3. Product Recovery by water push – leading to practically no product loss
  4. Equipment Status Memory – Equipment status of tanks/transfer lines changes automatically as per production/CIP.

MIS And Safety Features

  1. Event Log – Every action conducted on the screen by the operator gets captured.
  2. MIS Report – Reports for production, maintenance and management teams.
  3. Alarm Handling – Alarms are highlighted with colors & also get logged in.
  4. Errors Notification – Critical and noncritical alarms, during production/CIP run
  5. Password Levels – Operator/Supervisor/Manager levels for better monitoring.

If You Have Shut Down An Entire Production Line Due To Human Error, You Need To Read This!!

20% Plus Unplanned Downtime Is Due To Human Error! Have You Thought Of Process Automation?

If you have faced issues with product quality, operator dependency, loss due to break down, manipulation in production and mixing of CIP solution with product, you will agree human error can be detrimental to your company. In fact research has shown that human error causes more than 20% of unplanned downtime which naturally impacts your bottom line.

What Can Process Automation Do For Your Operation?

Primary benefits of process automation are –

  • Cost Reduction
  • Increased Productivity
  • Reliability
  • Enhanced Performance

With changing market expectations and competition, F & B plants’ operations need to perform under narrower and more consistent product specifications. These specifications require real time plant floor data to enable faster reactions and greater flexibility to help maintain productivity and margins, achieve higher safety and offer greater product quality. Process automation streamlines operations so that you can improve your Go-To Market time and save on resources by 20%.

 If You Are Still Not Convinced Here Are Top Nine Reasons To Persuade You.

  1. Process automation offers 100 % ROI in 4-5 years period.
  2. Automation reduces production loss caused due to operator mistakes in water flushing time, partial emptying of product tanks, excess or less CIP and so on…
  3. It ensures greater product quality as all the CCP’s are monitored and controlled consistently.
  4. Prevents mixing of CIP solution with product due to controlled and interlocked operations unlike the highly operator dependent manual operations.
  5. Provides accurate data which is taken directly from sensors and without human intervention.
  6. Automation reduces product and raw materials wastage through stringent quality control.
  7. It standardizes output of products or service through consistency in operations.
  8. Improves plant efficiency through smart production planning and optimal utilization of equipment.
  9. Automation reduces loss due to breakdown as it suggests preventive maintenance schedule based on type of operations and helps reduce unplanned down time.


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Introducing Neologic Engineers – The Piping Specialists.

Good Piping Begins with Great Engineering, Excellent Layout and Smooth Product Contact Surfaces!!

As a dairy or food processing plant you understand the importance of preventing the formation of crevices in your plant piping as it could entrap the product and lead to contamination.

What you need is good quality, full penetration welds for maintaining the cleanability of the piping for smooth product contact surfaces.

Neologic Advantages:

Neologic Engineers has been providing solutions to Food & Beverage industry for a decade. We are experts in providing services for process engineering and utilities design.  We are also preferred partners to many companies for supply of equipment required for dairy & food processing industry

We consider piping to be critical part of the dairy plant and ensure we give it special focus while designing it.

  • Layout -High performance piping begins with proper layout and for this our engineering team conducts an analysis of your requirement and understand your needs.
  • Sensors – Basis the analysis we integrate placement of sensors or spray devices (in CIP).
  • Components – Layout of the piping and selection of components is decided depending on the parameters of transported fluids and wanted capacities.
  • Assembly– We ensure all the piping elements are well selected and assembled into the system.
  • Distributed Piping – Our distributed piping design ensures there are no dead ends and unwanted drain points so that the risks of contamination are reduced.
  • Result – Seamless well designed and engineered piping with low to no risk of contamination, excellent flow and temperate control.

Benefits Of Choosing Neologic

  • Neologic offers support even for remote locations
  • Our process expertise and hygienic pipe design eliminates intermixing of CIP solution with product. We invest in extensive analysis of client requirement before we design the piping.
  • Our teams have worked extensively in Automation Development on various systems such as Rockwell, Siemens, and Schneider.
  • We are experienced in S 88 Automation Standard.
  • Neologic team has excellent experience in process engineering for Chilled and Aseptic plants.
  • Our expertise also extends to Process & Utility design.
  • We are trusted partners to clients  like  Danone, Amul, ITC, Haldiram, Govind Milk to name a few.

We help you minimize costs & grow revenues by increasing profits and staying current to your market needs by helping you adapt to shifts in technology and business.

Call us today on 8087022514 / 8149022514 for a free hygiene Audit or reach out to us on www.neologicengineers.com

IMG-20170130-WA0017-2 bluetint
Piping by ‘Neologic Engineers…’

Warm Regards,

Kalyani Patki

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You can see the external corrosion of the piping but have you thought of how internal corrosion & insufficient cleaning of piping affects your dairy product?

Blog explains why Piping is important part of any dairy plant.

Standard Piping Can Cause Bacterial Growth Inside The Piping And   Impact The Quality Of Product And Material.

The arteries of your dairy plant are the pipes which connect and carry product and material across the machines.  Good engineering translates into a well thought out piping that ensures you do not face problems with product quality and wastage.

Dairy plant might use stainless steel pipes from various sub suppliers and these pipes may appear to be good but later reveal many faults which result in poor product quality and wastage.

Visible outer corrosion can be easily detected but what about inner corrosion which will impact the product and materials?

Bad Internal piping surface due to wrong installation and piping quality can result in microscopic pores while poor welding of joints can lead to bacterial growth.


Huge losses to the plant as production will have to be shut down till pipes are replaced.

You know you are using sub-standard piping if you are facing these problems.

  • Unacceptable Product Quality – poor piping will result in inconsistent product quality which is within the standard range.
  • Product Recall due to contamination –  Unwanted bacterial growth  of coliform, salmonella, Pseudomonas can cause havoc and result in product recalls or even shut down.
  • Intermixing of Product with utility & CIP solution
  • Wastage – Poor piping and poor design results in more wastage because of poor product recover, unwanted drain points, dead ends in pipes, equipment and piping layout.
  • Hygiene Issues. If the piping is not well engineered, cleaning the pipes can cost in loss of production time. Besides this it will result in contaminations and corrosions which can impact the quality of product
  • Low Production Efficiency – Un-hygienic process design & equipment, dead ends in pipes, insufficient pipe sizes all contribute to low production efficiency.

What you need is piping solutions from experts who have been working for process engineering and have excellent experience in utility designs.

Neologic has the most cost effective and optimized solutions for your piping problems. Know more about how we can help you in the next mail.


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46th IDA Conference

Report on 46th IDA Exhibition.

Kochi was the host for 46th dairy industry conference organised by the Indian Dairy Association (IDA) at Angamaly from February 8 to 10. The theme for this year’s conference was “Dairying: Sufficiency to Efficiency”. The conference was attended by around 2,000 participants including manufacturers of dairy products processing equipment, dairy farmers, professionals, technocrats and policy makers from across the country. The three-day event included exclusive farmer and technical sessions and an exhibition of dairy processing equipment and allied appliances. Scientists and researchers across India and abroad spoke at the conference.

Neologic Engineers actively participated in this exhibition. We presented our CIP & Pasteurizer module to our visitors. We got an overwhelming response from the visitors. We are glad that we got chance to showcase our products and some of our completed projects during the exhibition as well as to discuss requirements.

Kerala Minister for Forest, Animal Husbandry and Zoos – K Raju inaugurated the conference. National Dairy Development Board chairman Dilip Rath delivered the keynote address. The minister also presented “Dr Varghese Kurien Award” for 2017 to P Gopala Kurup, chairman, Kerala Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (MILMA)

Here are some of the pictures from the exhibition. Give us your feedback in comment section below.


Neologic Pasteuriser Focuses On Reducing Total Cost Of Ownership And Improving Food Safety…

Blog tells you about Neologic Pasteuriser System.

Why Neologic Pasteuriser Is Value For Money.

We understand your challenges to run a profitable dairy plant and the pressure to ensure that every rupee invested works for you. Therefore we have designed fully automatic pasteuriser that is operator friendly, has ease of maintenance and has branded reliable components that never let you down.

Neologic Pasteuriser offers utility savings with 93% regeneration and it is error free as it is PLC based.  Our pasteuriser is modular and can be customised to meet individual plant needs.

With Neologic Pasteuriser you get guaranteed heat exchange efficiency, accuracy of temperature control and flow capacity besides flexibility of multiple applications such as Cream, Curd Milk, Ice cream and Juice Pasteurisation to help you to get your ROI faster.

That is why our clients Cream bell, Danone, Haldiram, Baskin Robins, ITC trusts our brand for maintaining the superior quality of their products. We also have a successful track record of installations across geographies.

 With Neologic Pasteuriser you get –

  • Alfa Laval Heat Exchanger guarantees maximum efficiency.
  • Accuracy of temperature control and flow capacity with +/ – 1 deg C
  • Regeneration efficiency – up to 93%
  • Safety against intermixing of pasteurized milk with raw milk & utilities
  • Reliable, durable and easily available components
  • MIS Report handling
  • Capacity Expandable design
  • Easily upgraded from manual to Automated version
  • Remote access support for Automation
  • Service call handling app on phone or PC

Unique Features of Our PHE!

  1. Adjustable Feet for easy installation on site without reworking on pipes.
  2. Higher stability with two point feet on supporting columns
  3. Carrying bar with hygienic design.
  4. Key Hole Bolt Opening for ease of maintenance.
  5. Bearing Boxes & Lock Washer for manpower and energy-saving during maintenance.
  6. Chocolate Distribution Pattern for uniformity and for reducing microbial growth.
  7. Roof Top/Rib gaskets for uniform pressure and durability.
  8. Elongated Nut for greater ease of opening during maintenance.
  9. Material traceability for the material used for manufacturing the PHE.
  10. Well established service network for spares and maintenance

Call us today on 8087022514 / 8149022514 for a free consultation on how Neologic Pasteuriser will benefit your organisation or click on this link www.neologicengineers.com to reach out to us.

Download Brochure Of Pasteurisation System

Watch Video Of Pasteuriser System




If Your Pasteurizer Has Frequent Breakdowns And Quality Issues, You Have Been Cheated!!

Blog tells you about the problems related to Pasteuriser

Poorly engineered and designed pasteurisers can bleed you slowly while creating a false illusion of saving your money on the cost of pasteurise.
If you have compromised on cost while buying a pasteuriser you would already be facing problems with hot water module, temperature control and increased consumption of utilities. You have also realised by now that your pasteuriser is not giving committed regeneration or promised output. Worse, you have suffered heavy losses in revenues, materials and production due to intermixing of water and milk.   Besides this, you are not still sure how the consumption of hot water, chilled water and steam is impacting your production cost.  To add to the woes, there are regular breakdowns which are slowing down your production.

So how are you dealing with these issues? Does your vendor give you the support you need and do you get the spare parts quickly?

If you are already battling with these issues, it’s time to consider a pasteurizer which will not only be fully automated and cost effective but will give you  ROI quickly.
Perhaps you need a pasteurizer that guarantees heat exchange efficiency, accuracy of temperature control and flow capacity.  It will also help you immensely if the pasteurizer is engineered so well that problems of intermixing and hot water module will never bother you. This pasteurizer must be operator friendly and come with reliable components which are easily available so that maintenance does not eat into your production time.

We have the perfect solution to all your issues. Watch out for the next blog on the same.

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Why Investing In CIP Is A Sound Business Decision!!

Blog tells you about Neologic CIP Systems.

As a Food & Beverage industry you spend close to 20% time in cleaning the equipment using the traditional “fill, boil and dump” approach and even this represents significant amount of downtime for your plant.  With rising raw material and energy costs, lowering operational expenditure and reducing waste to lower the cost of production without impacting product quality has become crucial.

So 30% annual saving on resources and increase in productivity  using  automated CIP is  a sound business decision as it not only  ensures faster  ROI, offers complete traceability of contamination, results in superior product quality  but also takes your brand into a new league of companies using CIP such as  DANONE, ITC, Unilever, Mother Dairy, ITC, Hatsun, Dodla.

Why you need CIP.

  • 30% savings annually in manpower, water, chemical, energy and product
  • Removes fouling from equipment improves product quality
  • CIP system not only removes the soil but also traces of bacteria, yeast, and spores
  • Reduces chances of contamination and product recalls
  • Faster cleaning improves  production capacity
  • Increase in revenue and savings due to reduced labor and or capital requirements
  • Ensures consistency of cleaning results for sanitation of production equipment particularly for food, meat and poultry processing plants.

What is Cleaning In Place (CIP)

CIP is a fully or partially automated system used for cleaning the internal surfaces of process equipment such as tanks, pipes and pumps which come in contact with milk or product. CIP has sensors, heat exchangers, pumps and tanks to ensure effective and repeatable cleaning. An effective CIP is based on three pillars – Effective and Efficient Design, Energy Efficiency and Automation Optimization.

Neologic CIP – At Neologic we have designed a unique modular Clean –In – Place system specifically for Food & Dairy industry.  Our unique CIP ensures the holy trinity of Hygiene, Quality and Cost Saving in such a way that you get ROI in just five years.

Key features of Neologic CIP.

  • VFD reduces energy usage and fluid wastage
  • Less load on ETP
  • It is fully Automated
  • Skid Based
  • Components from established brands
  • Special data recording feature  generates reports
  • Perfect reading from reliable equipment

Why Neologic CIP

  • Neologic offers support even for remote locations
  • Improved efficiency as CIP is fully automated resulting in lower costs on chemicals, energy, labour and water.
  • Improved plant capacity to meet increased demand and open up new market opportunities
  • Modular, flexible and budget friendly design and efficient implementation.
  • Shorter go to market time which will positively impact your bottom-line.
  • FDA compliant CIP can help target new quality conscious client base.
  • Process expertise and hygienic pipe design which eliminates intermixing of CIP solution with product as well as carefully planned CIP distribution piping. We invest in extensive analysis of client requirement before we design the piping.
  • Cleaning – In –Place is also one of our most successful products with highest number of installations.

We help you minimise costs & grow revenues by increasing profits and staying current to your market needs by helping you adapt to shifts in technology and business.

Call us today on 8087022514 / 8149022514 for a free consultation on how Neologic CIP will benefit your organisation or click on this link www.neologicengineers.com to reach out to us.

Download Brochure of CIP Module

Watch Video of CIP Module

Neologic CIP Module

If you aren’t constantly improving YIELD of your Dairy Plant, it’s just like ‘NOT milking the Cow Fully!!’

Blog tells you about improving the yield of Dairy.

Margins are very slim in the Dairy Industry, and companies need to be constantly competing to reduce overhead costs and improve plant yield.

Running your dairy processing MANUALLY could be costing you yield and quality in a big way.

Technology has changed over the decades and keeping pace is becoming easier and cost effective.

Here are 3 ways to improve efficiency and yield of your plant:

  1. Implementing smart Cleaning-In-Place (CIP)
  • Cleaning, particular in the Dairy industry is a very laborious business – every machine that is in contact with the product has to be disassembled and cleaned by hand at least once a day. This causes the highest loss of productivity to the plant.
  • CIP means that equipment no longer needs to be disassembled for cleaning. Machines are designed to be cleaned with detergent solutions, which are circulated through the production lines according to a set cleaning program.
  1. Process Control
  • Microprocessors can be used to control a single machine or a single process, to make that process more productive and accurate. Right from the milk delivery, pasteurising, packaging, cheese, yogurt or paneer making.
  1. Totally Integrated Plant Control
  • The next step in the evolution of process control is the totally integrated plant control system.
  • A plant consists of more than one process area. Each area has its own configuration of one or more Process Controllers. Dependent processes are linked and controlled automatically. This ensures manual errors, quality miss-outs, time lags are all eliminated quickly. It is essential to keep track of production and economy in a plant. The Process Controllers generate a substantial amount of data from the process at all times, day and night, week and month. Knowing what is happening is a key to be able to run the plant more efficiently and economically.

We at “Neologic Engineers Pvt. Limited” are certified and authorised System Integrators of the largest Indian brand in the Dairy, Food and Allied industry viz. Alfa Laval India Limited. We headquartered in Pune and execute and service plants Pan India. We have an experience base of having installed Dairy equipment of over 75 Lac liters across 10 cities in India in the last 10 years. We are currently on a mission to become the first company of Indian origin as integrated process and automation solution provider.

Find out how you can improve plant productivity and efficiency to achieve the results you deserve in our next blog. Till then ‘Keep reading..!!’

High Consumption of Processed Cheese in Metros Is driving the 23.7 Crore Cheese Market’s Growth!!

Cheese has edged its way into the Indian diet and is here to stay as a favorite topping for pizzas, burger and pastas.  Indian cheese market is presently worth around 23.7 crore and is expected to grow at a CAGR of nearly 15-20% till 2020.  Soft cheese, specialty cheese and hard cheese with bold new flavors is among the fastest growing categories in the industry. Processed cheese amounts to 45% of market although   only 40 to 45 variants  out of 3000 varieties are marketed in  India, presenting opportunities for  market expansion. Popular varieties  in India include Mozzarella, Cheddar, Parmesan, Feta, and Ricotta besides few others.

More about Cheese

Cheese can be broadly categorized as acid or rennet cheese and natural or processed cheese. Acid cheeses are made by adding acid to the milk to cause the proteins to coagulate. Fresh cheeses, such as cream cheese are made by direct acidification. Most types of cheese use rennet (an enzyme) in addition to the starter cultures to coagulate the milk. Processed cheese is made using natural cheese plus other ingredients that are cooked together to change the textural and/or melting properties and increase the  shelf life of the product.

How is processed cheese made?

Bacteria grow and multiply and form lactic acid during the curd making process.  Bacteria culture is added to cheese milk and then mixed with rennet so that it forms a gel like coagulant. The curd is subjected to mechanical treatment with stirring tools while it is gently heated according to the pre –set program.  The impact of these three actions –growth of bacteria, mechanical treatment and heat treatment results in expulsion of whey from the curds. The finished curd is then placed in cheese molds which determine the shape and size of the finished cheese.  Cheese is then pressed with its own weight or by applying pressure to the molds. Treatment during the curd making, pressing, brining and storage conditions influence the quality and type of the final cheese.

Neologic Products For Making High Quality Processed Cheese.

Neologic offers   range of equipment for ageing and production of popular cheeses like Mozzarella. Here are the details –

Equipment For Ageing Of Cheese

Neologic offers a fully automated system for making many types of cheese like Mozzarella, Cheddar, processed Cheese etc. Our system is best suited for draining and curd maturation until the desired acidity is achieved.  Once maturation is reached, the whey is drained and the curd is fed into the spinning machine automatically and continuously.

Serum Drainage System And Cagliata Transfer  Equipment

Neologic offers specially designed automated equipment   to collect the curd / whey mixture from the polyvalent (or polyvalent), drain and separate the curd grains from the whey, then convey the curd into the curdling machine seamlessly. This eliminates the need for a separate slicing machine before the spinning process.


  • Modular and compact structure
  • Constant and homogeneous feeding of the curd for consistent quality
  • Fully automatic system
  • Production capacity adjustable according to customer needs
  • The drainage action is can be adjusted to production requirements
  • Fast process
  • Cost savings due to the exclusion of a curd-cut machine from the production line ( Serum Drainage system)
  • Very simple operation
  • Hygienic design,
  • CIP perfectly washable
  • Manual or automatic control with PLC control
  • Production capacity from 500 kg to 5000 kg /h


Different Types of Cheese